How to Enable 2-FA on Vice City Market?

A complex password and unreasonable confidence in the security of your account cannot guarantee that you will not become a potential victim of hacking with serious consequences, therefore, in order to avoid an undesirable fate and be sufficiently confident in your security, you need to enable 2-factor authentication.

Attention: Before reading this step-by-step guide, please read our other step-by-step guide: How to Add a PGP Key to an Account on Vice City Market and apply the knowledge gained in practice, only after that you will be able to enable 2-factor authentication.

Here's how to enable 2-fa on Vice City Market:

The First Step - Beginning

Go to the "Account settings" page located at the URL: vicecdk6ibwtt37odce27fmhusg7mti3m7d3m5qhnqt2lv7queixz4id.onion/?page=account

Guide Pic 1

The Second Step - Middle

On the "Account settings" page in the "Two Factor Authentication (2FA)" section, click on the button: [1] Enable 2-FA.

Guide Pic 2

The Third Step - End

The evidence that the changes you made will be the notification at the top: "2-FA successfully enabled".

And also for accurate identification, check the section: "Two Factor Authentication (2FA)" there should be a status that says - "2-FA currently enabled".

Guide Pic 3

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