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Vice City Market provides a safe and secure buying experience and can only be accessed using the Tor Browser.
This is free to download and available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

This review of Vice City Market contains an objective assessment of all the pros and cons of this rich and long-lived market.

Regardless of how much this review claims to be objective, it is fair to admit that every assessment, every judgment about the Vice City Market is the subjective opinion of the author and does not seek to impose his opinion on those who get acquainted with the contents of this review.

Having said goodbye to Dark Market, Empire Market, Icarus Market, Dark0de Market, ToRReZ Market and others, are you in search of an alternative market for buying/selling hard-to-reach products? This review of the Vice City Market is designed for you.

Please note that we have created a "Blogs" section where we have posted step-by-step guides on how to do anything in the Vice City Market to support newcomers and uninformed users.

Be aware that buying and selling illegal goods on the Vice City Market is an illegal act, all the contents of this review are written for the purpose of familiarization and does not encourage anyone to violate the laws of any country.

[!] This review is purely for educational and research purposes.

We haven’t verified the legitimacy of the vendors on the marketplace.

Any action, both legal and financial, and all losses arising from this review, of any kind, are 100% your own responsibility.

Vice City Market – Primary Features

Before you commit yourself to this Vice City Market review, here’s a glimpse of the marketplace in general:

Vice City Market
Launch Date
6th August 2020
Number of Listings
Active Vendors
Commission Fee
Withdrawal Fee
2.08 USD > 4.86 USD
Vendor Fee
300 USD
2-FA, PIN, Auto-Logout
Standard, Multisig 2/3
Market Forum
Only Sub-Dread

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Safety Tips for Accessing Vice City Market:

Every connection to any darknet market is a risk of being compromised due to the specifics of the infrastructure of the Tor Network, but it is possible to protect yourself and it is very simple.

Here's how to do it:

[!] Go to the Tor Browser settings and change the security level from “Standard” to “Safer” or “Safest”.

[!] Download Nord VPN and connect to its “Onion over TOR” servers. This is an additional layer of protection designed exclusively for the Tor Network.

Website Pic 1

[!] Make sure that no other applications/programs are running on your OS when you are connected to the Tor Network.

These security measures are enough to ensure a high level of anonymity and feel confident in the vast Darknet and Vice City Market.

Is the captcha on Vice City Market simple and user-friendly?

It is impossible to judge the captcha on behalf of all users, but I will try to express my opinion, which may coincide with the opinion of the majority.

Vice City Market uses two captchas, the first is EndGame 1.0 captcha, which we encounter when we first visit the market, to solve it you will have to mark the position of colored figures in the image in a square consisting of 9 circles, there is nothing unique and new in this captcha, but its simplicity and wide popularity in use, give me the right to believe that this is a user-friendly captcha.

Website Pic 2

The second captcha will meet us on the "Registration/Login" page, it is made in the traditional format "Picture with symbols" and the solution "Census of symbols from the picture", this captcha is definitely considered user-friendly and universally recognized for many decades.

Website Pic 3

I believe that everything is fine with captchas on Vice City Market, they are convenient for most users and do not require excessive load on users to solve them, everything is simple and traditional.

I definitely support Vice City Market in their choice of this captchas format.

My captcha rating on Vice City Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Is it easy to register an account on Vice City Market?

Everything is learned in comparison, if you compare registration on Vice City Market with registration on other darknet markets, then this can be attributed to a simple and convenient account registration format.

To register an account on Vice City Market, you just need to enter a "Username", "Two-time password" and "Two-time pincode" for the account you are creating.

To complete the registration, solve the captcha "By rewriting the characters from the picture" in the "Captcha" input field and click on the "REGISTER!" button.

Website Pic 4

This is not a difficult format of registration, I think no one will argue with this.

My registration rating on Vice City Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Is the user interface on Vice City Market user-friendly?

Vice City Market exactly repeats the interface of the infamous TradeRoute, which in turn was inspired by the Dream Market interface.

As for the Vice City Market, They’ve kept up with the traditional darknet market layout with the listings on the left-sidebar and links to important sections on the top-bar.

Website Pic 5

The area just below the top panel is reserved for the search bar, which is conveniently located, and the rest of the space is used to display some of the most popular and best-selling listings on the marketplace.

Website Pic 6

Their innovative browsing interface only reloads the "center screen" when you click on various categories from the left sidebar, rather than the entire page, it really simplifies the work and also helps to increase the page speed.

Website Pic 7

Another aspect worth mentioning is their automatic subcategory sliding element. Whenever we hover over any category of the list that has subcategories, it automatically slides down to show us the subcategories without having to click on it.

Website Pic 8

If you are a fan of the TradeRoute interface or miss this market, then the Vice City Market interface will seem familiar and convenient to you, but if you do not like this interface, then you will appreciate it to your liking, but I took this into account in my final assessment, so this interface cannot be called ideal.

My user interface rating on Vice City Market is 8 points out of 10 possible.

What security features does Vice City Market offer?

Vice City Market offers many security features to protect its users. These include functions such as:

2-Factor Authentication – once you set up a public PGP key for your account, it can be used as a "Key" to decrypt your 2-FA Authentication Message. Every time you log in, you must use the PGP key to decrypt the message, and only after that you are granted access to the account.

If you want to activate this function, read our step-by-step guide: how to enable 2-FA on Vice City Market.

2 of 3 MultiSignature Transactions – these are the safest bitcoin transactions! Simply put, in such transactions there are 3 private keys, each of which belongs to the vendor, the vendor and the trading platform separately. At least 2 keys are required to continue the transaction, so the probability that the vendor will scam you is quite small.

Six-Digit Pin Code – this is primarily necessary for the withdrawal of funds. However, you can also make it mandatory for all orders. This ensures that even if your PGP and password are compromised, orders cannot be placed and funds cannot be stolen.

Automatic Logout – This is a simple but convenient security feature that automatically logs you out after one hour of inactivity on the website, it guarantees that no order will be placed in your absence or your account will be misused in any way.

Encrypted PGP Messages – this is one of the easiest ways to encrypt your message so that no third party can intercept the message and decrypt its contents. Vice City Market not only recommends PGP encryption, but also provides an automatic online checkbox that can be set to encrypt messages.

Unfortunately, Vice City Market has missed many other security features, such as: Anti-Phishing Images, Mnemonic Code, Login Phrase and TOTPs.

It's also worth keeping in mind the fact that they don't use an account recovery system, if someone gained access to your account and changed the password, you can say goodbye to it.

My rating of user protection functions on Vice City Market is 6 points out of 10 possible.

Is the search function on Vice City Market filter-rich and user-friendly?

To begin with, the search functionality on the platform is above average. This allows us to choose from a "Select Category" that lists all available ads, and then there is a scale of "Relevance", "Best Selling", "Rating", "Lower Price", "Higher Price", "Newer" and "Older".

Website Pic 9

The search engine filters also allow you to manually specify "Min Price" and "Max Price" for the products you are looking for, and then you can use the filters: "Shipping To" and "Shipping From" to filter by location.

For the sake of a detailed review, I will analyze all twelve search filters in order:

The First search filter is "Select Category". It allows you to select the category within which the search will be performed. Standard search filter and very easy to use.

The Second search filter is "Relevance". It allows you to filter the search results by showing the latest products that were sold on the marketplace.

The Third search filter is "Best Selling". It allows you to filter search results by showing the best-selling products on the marketplace.

The Fourth search filter is "Rating". It allows you to filter search results by showing products with the highest number of positive reviews.

The Fifth search filter is "Lower Price". It allows you to filter the search results by showing the products with the lowest price relative to the highest.

The Sixth search filter is "Higher Price". It allows you to filter search results by showing products with a higher price relative to the lowest.

The Seventh search filter is "Newer". It allows you to filter the search results by showing the newest products added all the time.

The Eighth search filter is "Older". It allows you to filter the search results by showing the oldest products added for all time.

The Ninth search filter is "Min Price". It allows you to filter the search results by showing products starting from the specified minimum price.

The Tenth search filter is "Max Price". It allows you to filter the search results by showing products with prices not exceeding the specified maximum price.

The Eleventh search filter is "Shipping To". It allows you to filter the search results by showing products that can be delivered to your chosen location.

The Twelve search filter is "Shipping From". It allows you to filter the search results by showing products that can be delivered from the place you have chosen.

So yes, it's quite rich and will help you find the right product.

My rating of search functions on Vice City Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

How many, and which products does Vice City Market sell?

There are already more than 16,500+ listings on the marketplace, and it is definitely rich in products, so if you are not buying illegal porn or weapons, most likely you will find what you are looking for here.

Website Pic 10

The most dominant type of product on Vice City Market is drugs, Although the marketplace doesn't have a "Drugs" section specifically.

Instead, all drugs are listed in separate categories, in total, there are more than 14,200+ listings on Vice City Market exclusively about the sale of drugs in the categories:

Benzos, Cannabis, Dissociatives, Ecstasy, Opioids, Psychedelics, Stimulants, Meth, Prescription, Steroids and Other Drugs.

The second most highly populated item on Vice City Market is "Digital". This category has 2352 listings to be exact, which translates to more than 17% of the market’s total listings.

The digital goods section contains everything that can be delivered to you digitally (online via the Internet without the need for physical dispatch).

It is subdivided into various smaller divisions: E-Books, Fraud Software, Game Keys, Guides & Tutorials, Legitimate Software and Other.

The information lists mainly contain information on how to get a fake passport, how to get approved for a visa, hack someone's account and similar topics.

It will also be important to say a few words about the "E-Books" category, which gives you access to a number of premium e-books, which can be useful for lovers of new and private knowledge.

Another of the most popular products on any darknet market are products related to the category of "Fraud", the same is also available on Vice City Market. In this section, you can purchase anything from stolen credit card data to SSN and other things.

The "Fraud" category includes the following subcategories: Accounts, CVV and Cards, Dumps and Other.

The last specific category is "Services" In this category, individuals sell their hacking, carding, withdrawal skills, etc.

The subcategories for "Services" are: Carding, Social Engineering and Other.

In the category "Other Listings" there may be any products not prohibited by the rules of Vice City Market and by the way this category has one subcategory which we will now examine in more detail.

In the subcategory "Counterfeits" you can buy Knockoff, Copies, Duplicates for Gov. Documents and more.

To sum up, Vice City Market is rich in products and should meet most of your needs, especially if you are looking for drugs or digital goods.

My rating of the wealth of the user basket on Vice City Market is 9 points out of 10 possible.

What is forbidden to sell in the Vice City Market?

Do not be surprised at such a question, yes, this is the darknet market, but at least the official darknet markets that are moderated by the dnm community have their own code of honor, which no one ethically and morally dares to cross.

Website Pic 11

Vice City Market does not allow the sale of Prostitution Services, Illegal Porn, Murder Services, Poisons, Weapons, Fentanyl and Hitman Services.

Of course, there are other markets that allow the sale of such products/services. Vice City Market is not this market.

We appreciate the position of Vice City Market to prevent these transactions, which are socially and morally unacceptable.

My assessment of the restriction rules on Vice City Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted for payment on Vice City Market?

Vice City Market accepts the traditional cryptocurrency for the darknet markets, which is Bitcoin (BTC), citing obvious basic advantages such as anonymity and decentralized transactions.

But despite the fact that it is a newer platform, it still does not accept Monero (XMR). Now most darknet markets are not limited to one Bitcoin (BTC) or only one cryptocurrency, but Vice City Market is not like that.

The cryptocurrency must be deposited to a market wallet, and then can be used either to pay for purchases or to pay for the vendor's bonds.

Deposits are completely free, the commission is charged only for the withdrawal of funds.

My rating of the deposit system on Vice City Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Is it easy to buy products at the Vice City Market?

If you have had any trades on TradeRoute or other markets of the past and present, then it will seem to you just as simple and relatively convenient.

Currently, Vice City Market offers the same traditional way of paying for products with Bitcoins (BTC) and allows you to purchase both "Physical" and "Digital Goods".

Having chosen the desired product for yourself, before ordering, you can study its images, description, customer reviews about it, payment methods, restrictions on delivery by country, and so on.

Website Pic 12

To start placing an order, select the quantity of the product, the delivery method and, if there is a coupon, activate it by filling in the appropriate input field.

To place an order for a physical product, you only need to select the quantity, delivery method and specify the address where the purchased product should be delivered.

Website Pic 13

Placing an order for a digital product is even easier, you only need to specify the quantity of the product and receive it either automatically or wait for the vendor to contact you in private messages.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned user of darknet markets, each of you will be able to purchase products at Vice City Market with ease and pleasure!

My rating of the ease of shopping on Vice City Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

What are the requirements for vendors on Vice City Market?

Vice City Market obviously accepts existing vendors and newcomers. A fee of $300 (USD) is required to obtain vendor status. This fee is non-refundable (this resonates with buyers in the market).

Before becoming a vendor, you should familiarize yourself with the following rules. Please remember that violating any of these rules will result in an automatic and permanent ban on Vice City Market:

Website Pic 14

All porn is prohibited. This includes selling of porn accounts, any videos which may contain any porn. This is a zero tollerance policy.

NO selling firearms, explosives or anything intended to harm others is prohibited.

NO scamming users.

NO selling fentanyl, or any product related to fentanyl (Eg Carafentanil).

NO doxxing. This will result in an instant, non negotiable ban.

NO assasination services, anything that involves harming, or stalking of people. This is strictly prohibited and will result in instant termination of your account.

There are no other restrictions, except that the vendor's account makes it impossible to buy products from other vendors.

My market rules rating on Vice City Market is 10 points out of 10 possible.

Vice City Market - Final Verdict

Vice City Market is a darknet market, rich in its experience and functions, which has earned trust for 3 years of uninterrupted operation, and now its review has come to an end, and we will summarize its results.

The market has good security features, but, unfortunately, in insufficient quantity compared to its competitors.

Vice City Market is limited in the currencies it accepts for replenishment, now you can only deposit Bitcoin (BTC), which in the era of Monere (XMR) is a big step back from the great future for this market, hope that the administration will soon fix this situation and add more cryptocurrencies that promises them only good.

With all the shortcomings of Vice City Market, I can't call this market terrible and having no future, its popularity and durability prove the opposite, and frankly, I appreciate it quite highly, because it made me remember the old days when DNM was something new and unknown.

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