How to Register on Vice City Market?

Without an account on Vice City Market, you will not be able to use anything other than the registration function, so let's each of us expand our capabilities on marketplace by registering an account.

Here's how to register an account on Vice City Market:

The First Step - Beginning

Go to the "Registration" page located at the URL: vicecdk6ibwtt37odce27fmhusg7mti3m7d3m5qhnqt2lv7queixz4id.onion/register.php

Guide Pic 1

The Second Step - Middle

On the "Registration" page, fill in the input fields: Username, Password, Confirm Password, Pin, Confirm Pin.

Do not use aliases, names and passwords associated with your identity directly or indirectly.

Guide Pic 2

The Third Step - End

Rewrite the 6 characters from the captcha image in the Captcha input field, then click on the REGISTER! button.

Guide Pic 3

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